About the Organization:

This non profit organization was organized as a tax deductible 501(c)(3) in the State of Indiana in 2007. 

The focus is to serve organizations that are focussed on the well being of children, young adults, and animals.  In other words, our focus is to serve those who cannot speak for themselves and who may be struggling during periods of life transitions.

All proceeds of the organization go to helping to contribute to local organizations and their focussing on children and animals.

The focus on children is on child development, focussing on programs that raise awareness and funding towards cultural sensitivity and wellness programs.

The focus on animals is on animal rights and welfare.




Nitha Fiona Nagubadi

Nitha is Vinod's oldest sister.  A very protective older sister.. and as a way to channel her grief for the sudden loss of Vinod, she has led the inception of the organization and its programs.  She has an MBA, MS, and Psychology degree from University of Chicago.  She has led other Non Profit Organizations and Committees.  This experience in strategic planning, Project Management, Cultural Awareness Program and Administration comes in handy when planning for Vinod's organization, which is groundbreaking in many ways to create supportive and positive programs with global wordview.

Vice President

Hashi Nagubadi Richards

Hashi is Vinod's sister.. she is very loving sister to Vinod and a mother of a beautiful son Arjun.  She and Vinod spent their childhood years as good friends.  She misses Vinod dearly and also loves doing work in his memory as well as living life as he would have.  She is a very busy Professional, working as an Attorney in Florida.  She also has an MBA and has experience teaching in elementary schools.

Subbayamma Nagubadi
Subbayamma is the mother of Vinod Nagubadi.  Her passion for helping children led to her to start non profit corporation with the help of her daughters.  She is a financial planner and teacher.

This organization is in Vinod Nagubadi's memory, to honor those who cannot speak for themselves, children and animals.  Vinod was kind to everyone and left every place and every person feeling better than before they met.  He was always giving and ready to help and was the most fair, hard working, intelligent and loyal person we have known.

More information about him is listed in the menu link marked as "Vinod".  Some memorial photos are posted here:
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Vinod Nagubadi Corporation for Child Development Services is a registered 501(c)(3) in Indiana.
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